Are you ready for some high-stakes poker action?

Look no further than Ultimate Texas Hold’em Progressive. This game features intense heads-up play against the dealer, a thrilling Trips bonus bet, and the opportunity to hit it big with the progressive jackpot. This is where the real action happens – are you up for the challenge? Place your bets and see if lady luck is on your side at Ultimate Texas Hold’em Progressive.



To get in on the action, make equal bets in both the Ante and Blind circles, and consider adding on the Trips bonus bet and the progressive bet for even more potential payout.

Once you receive your two-hole cards, you can check or bet three to four times your Ante.

The dealer then reveals the three-card flop, and if you haven’t already made a Play bet, you can check or bet two times your Ante. The dealer then reveals the turn and river; if you haven’t bet yet, you can bet your Ante one time or fold one time.

After all, the cards have been revealed; it’s time for the showdown. Your Play and Ante bets are returned to you if the dealer does not qualify. But if the dealer does qualify and has a higher hand than yours, you lose both bets.

But don’t worry; there are plenty of ways to win this game. If you have a higher hand than the dealer, your Play and Ante bets are paid out according to the payout table. And don’t forget about that progressive jackpot – if your final five-card hand is a royal flush, you hit the big time!

So what are you waiting for?

Join the poker frenzy with Ultimate Texas Hold’em Progressive!